Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to bathe a dog at the Wash and Wag?


We charge by the size – Small, up to 35 lbs is $12; Medium, 36 to 75 lbs is $16; Large, over 76 lbs is $20.


Are there any discounts?

Yes, we have a $3 discount on your second dog if you bring them in together. We also have a $2 discount for military/veterans and service dogs.


What does the fee cover?


The fee covers everything you need to bathe your dog including your choice of shampoo, ear cleaner, brushes, towels, dryers, and after bath sprays.


Are there any additional charges?


We charge $3 for skunk odor treatment, and $1 for conditioner or Blueberry Bliss facial wash.


Do I need to bring anything?


We provide everything you need including a variety of shampoos, brushes, ear cleaner, towels, dryers, and after bath conditioning/deodorizing sprays. Just bring your dog on a leash. You are also welcome to bring your own shampoo if you like.


Do you provide scissors or nail trimmers?


No, we don’t provide any kind of scissors or trimmers.


Is there a size limit?


Our tubs will accommodate dogs from Chihuahuas to Newfoundlands (up to 200 pounds).


Does my dog need to be vaccinated?


Yes, we ask that your dog be up to date on all vaccinations before bringing them in.


Is there a time limit?


Generally there is no time limit. However, if we have people waiting in line, please limit your wash to ½ hour per dog.


Do you allow skunked dogs?


Yes, but we ask that you either pre-treat them with skunk odor removal before bringing them in for a bath or plan to use our skunk odor treatment when you come in. The treatment is an additional $3.


Skunk odor treatments work best if you apply the treatment directly to the coat before you rinse or wet with water.


How do I use a dryer on my dog?


It works best to remove most of the excess water with a towel. Then leave your dog in the tub and use the blow dryer to finish. Be sure to avoid the eyes and ears when using the blow dryer.


What happens if my dog has an accident in the tub or bathing area?


Please notify us, and we will clean up the mess immediately.